• UPS-D Series (500-1200VA, Modified Sine Wave) Type of the products:Long Time Backup Modified Sine Wave UPS, External ...

Product features

● Designed for long time backup.

● Modified sine wave outpu.

● Wide AC input voltage range 145-275V.

● Built-in powerful battery charger, max charging current 5-6A.

● Built-in AVR function.

● Battery overcharge protection.

● Battery low voltage alarm and protection.

● Battery reverse connection protection.

● Overload protection.

● Short circuit protection.

Product Parameter
 Model No.

UPS-D 500

UPS-D 600

UPS-D 1000

UPS-D 1200

 Power Capacity





 Battery Voltage 12VDC
 AC Input  Input Voltage Range 165-275V/145-275V
 Input Frequency 50Hz/60Hz auto sensing
 AVR Output  Output Voltage Range
220V/230V ±10%
 Output Frequency Same as input frequency
 Output Efficiency >95%
 Inverter Output  Output Voltage Range
220V/230V ±5%
 Output Frequency
50Hz/60Hz ±0.1Hz
 Output Waveform Pure sine wave
 Output Efficiency >75%
 Battery Charger  Battery Type
Lead acid battery
 Battery Placement External
 Charging Mode 3 stage
 Charging Current 6A max
 Protectio  Overload Yes
 Overheat Yes
 Battery Over-Charge Yes
 Battery Over-Discharge
 Battery Reverse Polarity
 Short Circuit
 Operating Condition  Operating Temperature
0℃ - +40℃
 Storage Temperature
-15℃ - +45℃
 Operating Humidity <90%, non-condensing
 Packing  Machine Size (WxHxD mm)
100x155x350 120x195x365
5.5kgs 6.0kgs 7.5kgs 8.0kgs