• SVC-K Series (500-5000VA) Type of the products:Servo Motor AVR

Product features

● Precision servo motor technology.

● Digital or analogue display.

● Wide input voltage range.

● High voltage protection.

● Low voltage protection.  

● Transformer overheat protection.

● Short circuit protection.

● Optional overload protection.   

● Selectable 6s/180s delay Time.
Product Parameter
 Model No.
SVC-K 500 SVC-K  1000 SVC-K  1500 SVC-K  2000 SVC-K  3000 SVC-K  5000
 Power Capacity 500VA/300W 1000VA/600W 1500VA/900W 2000VA/1200W 3000VA/1800W 5000VA/3000W
 Technology Servo motor technology
 Input Voltage 140-260V or 80-140V
 Input Frequency 50/60Hz auto sensing
 Output  Rated Output Voltage 220V/230V or 110V/120V
 Output Voltage Precision ±3% / ±1%
 Output Frequency Same as input frequency
 Display  Input Voltage Digital meter / Analogue meter
 Output Voltage Digital meter / Analogue meter
 LED Indicator
Power on (In use),  Delaying, Protecting (Unusual)
 Protection  High Voltage Yes
 Low Voltage Yes
 Overheat Yes
 Overload Optional
 Short Circuit Yes, fuse or circuit breaker
 Delay Time 6s/180s selectable
 Operating Condition  Operating Temperature
0°C - 40°C
 Storage Temperature
-15°C - +45°C
 Operating Humidity <90%, non-condensing
 Machine Size (WxHxD) 140x183x260 mm 220x250x340 mm
 Weight (EI transformer) 3.8kgs 4.6kgs 5.9kgs 7.1kgs 12.0kgs 13.0kgs